Training Programme Workshops (2013)

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Final programme and sign up details will be emailed to all registered participants in the coming weeks. (Workshops are subject to change.)

*Please take note of any pre-requisites or exclusions that some classes may have

Bronte Webster & Gareth Bjaaland
Jason Campbell
Chair Balancing
Matt Wilson

Explores techniques of Tower of Chairs. Learn technical aspects of the chair stack, from physical technique to chair construction and design. Hand balancers welcome.

Cloudswing: Static
Kristina Dzelmanis
Clare Bartholomew
Corde Lisse
Stuart Christie
Dance Acrobatics
Chelsea McGuffin & David Carberry
Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Flavoursome style. Sexy shoulders. Hula hips. Afro Booty. Fancy feet. Pop & grind.

Directors Intensive
Sue Broadway & Deborah Batton

Directors Laboratory:  for directors and performers. Please contact us for more information if you are a director interested in this workshop.

Doubles Trapeze - Advanced
Sharon Gruenert & Ruby Rowat
Doubles Trapeze - Intermediate
Phoebe Armstrong & Toni Gutierrez
Anna Yen

Feldenkrais Method for Circus Performers – Awareness Through Movement
Come and explore how the Feldenkrais Method could enhance your circus training. Awareness Through Movement lessons explore new movement patterns whilst  drawing your attention deeply into how each movement affects your whole self. The lessons invite a greater sense of ease, elegance and self-awareness.
Flying Trapeze
Flying Trapeze Australia

*Advanced workshops for those with at least one trick out of lines. Intermediate workshops for those with basic aerial awareness and some flying experience.

German Wheel
Lynn Martin & Harlequin Spirals (Gymnastics Australia)
Emma Serjeant
Hoop Diving
Tom Flanagan, Matt Swann
Hula Hoops - Advanced
Yos Worth

Traditional circus technique

*Advanced participants are expected to bring own hoops

Hoop Prance
Suzy Leigh
Olivia Porter
Juggling: Movement
Neisha Murphy

Finding your own style

*Advanced participants are expected to bring own balls

Juggling: Passing Fancy

*Advanced participants are expected to bring own clubs

Joel Salom & Shep Huntly
Lachie & Steve Richards
Yos Worth

Method Foundation Matwork basics 

Skills Presentation
Clarke McFarlane

Skills Presentation is about seeing performance from the audience’s point of view while considering ways to keep them focused on what it is you want to present and the million little ways they can be taken out of the experience unless every choice is made by the performer with sensibility, honesty and consistency. 

Slack Rope
Daniel Rabin
Spanish Web
Simi Genzuik
Space Cowboy & Zoe Ellis
Static Trapeze - Advanced
Jo Lancaster

*Participants need to have an existing familiarity with training and skills

Sticky Pole
Rockie Stone
Daniel Catlow & Luke Taylor

*Intermediate participants must have a background in acrobatics and be able to do a backflip on the floor. Advanced participants must be able to do a backsault off lines on teeterboard

The Art of Street Performance
Shep Huntly

An interactive discussion on the art of creating street performance

Theatrical Adagio
Nick Cilento & Allie Wilde

Creation of performance work using circus skills you already have.

Kane Petersen & Jess McCrindle
Tissu: Composition
Natano Fa’anana
Tissu: Technique
Lani Cleaton
Shaun Swadling (Gymnastics Australia)
Tumbling - Advanced
Simon Yates

*Participants must have an existing familiarity with training and skills

Tumbling - Intermediate
Steve Richards & Petrina Hutchinson
Verticals: Advanced Techniques & Act Composition
Helene Embling

For rope, tissu, multicordes etc.

Warm Up
Scott Hone
Jeff Turpin